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Content marketing is being smart about the content you put out. It’s about providing content on the right topics, in the right format, in the right places.

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How Does Content Marketing Compare to Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing refers to tactics that were used more heavily in the past but some are still relevant today. These are things like TV, radio, print ads, direct mail, and telemarketing. These advertising channels have been used for decades, and while some of these can still be useful in certain ways, they don’t work for a modern digital audience.

Content marketing works on more of an inbound model. Instead of pushing your messaging out to people using ads, you pull leads in using organic content. In other words, let consumers find quality content on their own time!

  • Content marketing can work for any industry. No matter who your target market is or what you sell, you need to communicate with your customers and share information.
  • Good content will not only please prospects and customers, but it will make Google happy as well, improving your search engine rankings.
  • There is a low barrier to entry. You just need a strategy and some content to get started.

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Why Invest in Content Marketing?

When you do it right, good content builds brand equity. Your brand will continue to gain traction as you continue to put out useful content. The best part is that as you help your audience, your reputation and thought leadership positions will climb.


Content marketing is 3 times more efficient in terms of leads than outbound marketing.

47% of consumers view 3-5 pieces of content created by a company before talking to a salesman from that company.

Quality content is one of the top ranking signals for SEO.

96% of marketers have built credibility and trust with their audience through content.

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How Do You Know What Content to Make?

There are many ways to find the best topics, from using Google, third-party SEO tools, researching competitors, paying attention to your industry online, and even just asking others in your company. Ginger Digital Marketing can help with all the research and then turn that into an actionable strategy that you can implement yourself or with the help of us.

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You Have Content, Now What?

Once you know the right topics and are making great content, you then need to know what to do with it. In other words, how you post, promote, and accelerate your content has a direct impact on your results. Ginger Digital can help with a plan of attack to reach more people.

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