I Understand, Working With an Agency Can Seem Like Pain

They all seem similar, it’s another thing to manage, and they cost too much and overcharge for everything. At Ginger, we want to simplify your experience working with an agency. 

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To Start, Here's What's Important to Us and What We Believe Sets Us Apart

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We’re a True Partner

Ginger believes in forming strong relationships with its clients. As a small business ourselves, we know how passionate business owners are in their quest to grow their organizations. When you work with Ginger, you gain a compassionate, committed partner who wants to help you achieve your growth goals.
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Strategy First

We wouldn’t execute on a tactic before first having a clear idea of where the work fits into an overall strategy and how it connects with other marketing. This way, we can be more efficient and get as much value as possible from all content and creative efforts.

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ROI/Data Tracking Built In

Any project we do has analytics and reporting built-in. We do not believe in hiding your investment in a black box! We work to directly correlate your marketing budget with revenue to determine a true ROI. Moreover, we work to form strong goals at the start of the project that we measure throughout the entire journey.

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Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation are what make your ideas and content stand out! At Ginger, we believe that there is always an opportunity to say or show something in a different way. Taking the extra time to create and innovate is how you stand out from the crowd.

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Just for You

You are not a carbon copy of another company, so your strategy and content shouldn’t be that either. We work to fully understand the inner-workings of your business. Our work is tailor-made for your business and industry. We see ourselves as a partner for your business and are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

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We're Nice

While we are most definitely serious about results, we are still fun and enjoyable to work with! We take your passion and energy to heart when working on your project. We want to make your experience working with Ginger as different as possible from your past agency collaborations. If you feel like you're talking to your best friend during your project, we've done our job correctly!

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We're Lifelong Learners

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, and Ginger is steadfast in its quest to remain on the cutting edge of strategy and tactics. We are not afraid to dive right into research and case studies to find a solution to your marketing needs. We embrace a growth mindset as a team and utilize it during all of our projects.

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We Avoid Using Jargon

So often, marketing agencies fill reports and communications with marketing jargon that is impossible to understand! At Ginger, we keep you in the loop on everything that we are doing with your project. We ensure that you fully understand each strategy and tactic that we are employing. We want to help you recreate and continue to take advantage of the work that we do on your project down the road.

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Just What You Need

As a small agency, we are very nimble and versatile. Depending on the project, we pull in other industry experts to provide the most value for your strategy while keeping tabs on your budget. We will advise the best budget and slate of hours for your goals, and we will work with you directly to build a custom strategy based on the funds you have available.

What’s the typical process for working together?

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Discovery Meeting

This is where we discuss all the details of your business, your current and previous marketing endeavors, your competitors, your sales process, and your goals. This step is extremely important for both single service projects and multi-channel ongoing retainers. We will need to understand the big picture of your company in every case to give you the best results. The more you share and the more honest you are about what and how things are working, the more helpful we can be to make improvements.


Strategic Work

It’s time to go back and work with our team. We take the information provided to us and turn that into an action plan in line with your goals and the project scope previously discussed. Every single client is different—no template or system works the same for everyone. Trust me, we wish that’s how it worked! The reality is that there is more than one right way and more than one wrong way. We will look for a way that fits the client’s needs the best at this time.

Looking at the marketing system as a whole is the key to understanding and making the best plan- even if we are only doing a project involving one channel. Marketing is a constantly moving cycle and everything feeds into the other. That is why it helps to get an outside opinion who can look at the entire process and perhaps see it differently.

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Tactical Execution

We take our strategic work and evolve it into clear action items that we then work to implement. Whether we are tackling a single-channel or multi-channel strategy, we focus on executing the strategy perfectly. We continually monitor the progress of each tactic and make optimizations where we see fit. To measure ROI, we track prospects from the start of the buyer's journey through the close of a sale to determine what marketing tactics drive the most value for your business.


Marketing Strategy Success Story

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David Rose, CEO of Rose Apothecary

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