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We are a digital agency that is large enough to give you the marketing services you need while small enough to give you the agency service you want.

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At Ginger Digital, We LOVE Marketing

It’s always more pleasant to work with someone who truly enjoys what they do. We love to find creative ways to market for every new situation. And, of course, our results are better because we stay up to date in this constantly-moving digital landscape.

Ginger Digital Marketing Certifications

We are committed to continuously learning and growing our knowledge.


Facebook Blueprint certified

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HubSpot Inbound certified

Grow With Ginger in 2021

Our GROW21 program is designed to help small business owners develop a comprehensive marketing strategy in Q4 to hit the ground running in the new year.

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About Lynne, Owner

I have over 20 years of marketing experience, starting back before social media was even a thing! My bachelor’s degree is in Business Management, and my MBA has a Marketing focus.

But more important than degrees on paper, I have been working in marketing my entire career. I am always fascinated to learn more and stay ahead of the trends as the industry continues to shift. As a marketer, I have been on the agency-side and the client-side—small companies, large corporations, B2B, and B2C.

And while every business and situation is different, the constant part is the need to attract new business and do so in ways that give a good return on investment. There are so many ways to plan a marketing strategy! In the end, though, the focus needs to be on the bottom line. I’m a creative MBA but still grounded in data and the numbers.

I’d love to discuss your project and specific needs!

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Why Work With Ginger Digital?

Every agency says they are different and that their approach is revolutionary. This is rarely the case. At Ginger, we embrace what we stand for and how we work with our clients. We treat you the way we would like treated and are honest and direct.

We will not execute on a tactic before first having a clear idea of where this fits into your overall strategy and how it connects with other marketing efforts. This way, we can be more efficient and get as much as possible from all content and creative campaigns.

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We love a marketing challenge and are happy to discuss the specifics of your business and weigh in on marketing.