It’s Hard to Make Decisions if Your Reporting Isn’t Correct

After all the efforts you make to market to your audience, do you really know what happened? Are you confident in using your data to understand what’s working and what isn’t?

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Analytics and Reporting Need to Be Both Simple and Accurate

No one wants to look at multiple spreadsheets or dig through confusing reports. All you want to know is if the strategies you are trying are working, and if you are making progress towards your goals.

  • Ginger will help you first determine what numbers are most useful for tracking your business’ goals.
  • Then, we will make sure that all of your various accounts are set up to correctly track and “talk” to each other.
  • Finally, we will set up reports and dashboards that show the information simply and easily.

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Why Is It Important to Analyze Your Data?

So often clients just want to get right to the doing, skipping the set up at the beginning and the recurring analysis every month.


Most marketing teams are overwhelmed by the volume of data they have to analyze. However, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to not do it!

57% of marketers incorrectly interpret data and likely get incorrect results.

68% of marketers say improving the measurability of ROI is a top priority when it comes to data-driven strategies.

66% of marketers state that data-based decisions are more effective than gut instincts.

Would You Like Your Marketing to Be More Data-Driven?

Learn more about reporting, analytics, KPIs, and how to pull it all together. Feel confident in your monthly reporting!

Simple, Direct Reporting and Dashboards

We don’t try to drown you in numbers and leave you confused. We actually want you to understand what is happening with your marketing and what it means. We create custom reporting and dashboards that will work with your exact needs and that make sense to you!


You Have Lots of Data... Now What?

Do you already have lots of data and are still not sure what it means or what you should do next? The numbers are only valuable if you can use them to make decisions.

Ginger can help you decipher the most important data and develop a process that leads to higher conversion rates and revenue!


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