Shift Your Mindset From Repairing Your Business to Growing

We agree with you—2020 needs to be over! While we cannot know for certain what 2021 will bring, Ginger Digital Marketing is helping businesses click the reset button and use marketing to their advantage in driving revenue growth.

Maintaining a Strong Digital Presence Has Never Been More Important Than Now.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to revamp how they deliver their products and services. With work-from-home rules in place and customers unable to be physically in stores, businesses needed to rethink their entire operations and pricing models. With so much of 2020 spent on ensuring the survival of businesses, let's start from the beginning, looking at what we can do to set ourselves up for success in 2021. 

GROW21 is a program designed for business owners (like you!) who have tried various marketing tactics in the past but have received lackluster results. GROW21 focuses on identifying your business' successes in the past and your opportunities for growth in the new year. We focus on taking your revenue and organizational goals for next year, and derive a comprehensive, data-driven, and immediately actionable marketing plan that can boost your business' growth. 

GROW21 includes three stages:

  1. An in-depth analysis of your website's analytics
  2. A discussion with your business' key stakeholders
  3. A final deliverable in the form of a marketing plan built by Ginger's expert team

See Why Marketing Strategy Is Worth Investing In

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1. Let's Start With an Analytics Deep Dive

We cannot build you a strategy without any data! In this first stage, Ginger will look at your website's analytics. There are a whole bunch of data points we will examine, but the main ones that are most valuable include:

  • How many people come to your site?
  • How do your customers find you online?
  • What are visitors doing once they are on your site?

This information helps us to determine what your strengths are currently online, and the data identifies opportunities for you to grow!

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2. Numbers Only Tell Part of the Story

No one knows your business better than you! In this second stage, Ginger will sit down (virtually) with you and your team to learn the ins and outs of your business. Every industry and organization is different, so we want to make sure we completely understand your company so that we can build the best strategy for you.

We will walk through your past marketing efforts, what your goals were for 2020 (before COVID-19), and what your revenue goal is for next year. The latter is crucial, as it forms the foundation for your marketing budget! It is important to budget for what you want, rather than what you earned in the past.

3. All of the Information and Data Comes Together in One Plan

While there are universal marketing strategies and tactics, they work in different ways for every business. In this third stage, Ginger will lay out a comprehensive marketing roadmap for your business in 2021. We will highlight the channels and platforms you should use, the strongest budgets for each, the core messaging to employ, and the most impactful cadences to follow.

We will also include some "food for thought" on areas of your digital presence that we can strengthen through other projects. Ginger is passionate about helping businesses succeed. You do not have to go about this alone!

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How is GROW21 Different?

Many digital marketing agencies offer programs to guide business owners through the best digital marketing strategies and tactics. But so many of these programs give you a ton of raw data with no actionable ideas. You are left to form a marketing plan on your own from numbers that you may not fully understand.

With GROW21, we have built a better way.

The final roadmap that we give you is designed just for your business. It includes data from your website and ideas spawning from our discussion. We do not just print out a report and send it to you!